vtwatch Virtual Terminal Monitor

vtwatch is a program that will automatically switch active virtual consoles on your Linux system in a loop. This in affect acts as a virtual terminal surveillance monitor. You can choose a speed as the amount of delay time to be used before it switches to the next console. It also reads everything on each screen so that you can input a search string and be notified if it shows up on a given console. Whichever console you run the program from acts as the main control center.

If you run vtwatch from say tty4 then you will have to type alt+F4 to get back to the control center.

vtwatch will beep and pause itself on the console that a search string is matched on.


vtwatch -s [search_string] -d [delay]

Default search_string is "vtwatch".

Default delay time is 5 seconds.

Download (Linux only)



For a full list of commands type: vtwatch -h